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Butterfly Flip Baby Feeding Pillow

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Breastfeeding is not easy, you and your child might experience a lot of discomfort during breastfeeding, that's why the Butterfly Flip Baby Feeding Pillow is the perfect support for both you and your little one.

Physical support:
Who hasn’t heard of body pains during breastfeeding? All over the mom’s neck, shoulder,  and back. Not to mention that, with time, her posture can be severely damaged. This pillow solves these pains by lifting the baby up and supporting its weight evenly during both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding.
The Butterfly Flip Baby Feeding Pillow supports a variety of positions for optimal comfort and efficiency during breastfeeding, such as:
  • The nursing position
  • The football Position
  • Upright nursing position.


What makes the Butterfly Pillow special is that it also eliminates the chance of acid reflux and G.E.R.D, which allows the baby to burp comfortably and eliminates discomfort while vomiting.

The Butterfly Pillow sports 3 adjustable heights, supports all ages and body sizes from an infant up to the end of the toddler phase. Your little one can use it for feeding, sleeping, and spending quality time with the family. What makes the Butterfly Pillow a perfect choice for your baby is the firmly contoured anti-rollover edges.

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