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Non-toxic Hand and Foot Imprint

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Do you wish your baby would stay little forever? With the Non-toxic Hand and Foot Print, you can come as close as possible to realizing this dream!

Perfect for any occasion, whether it's your little one who's having his footprint handprint preserved, or even if you have family or friends who have newborns!. A wonderful gift for Christmas, mother or father to be, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Baby Shower, Baby Naming, First Birthday, and many more.

 This smooth non-toxic clay comes in one size and different colors, as well as having decorations and customizability that lets you choose which one is perfect for preserving the memory of your toddler forever! It's also non-toxic and nonharmful while being smooth to the touch.

You can hang your lovely creation on the wall, or use the stand that comes with our kit! It fits anywhere around the house and really turns it from a house into a family's home.

Loved by thousands, this baby Non-toxic Hand and Foot Imprint DIY kit include:

  • 150 grams of non-toxic air drying clay.
  • Thin box which holds the print.
  • Acrylic stand.
  • Decorative beads and candies.
  • Paintbrush.
  • Smoothing finishing tools.

How to use: