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Pet Food Measuring Scoop

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Is your dog overweight? Do these puppy eyes get what they want? Overfeeding our dogs has become common practice and it leads to an epidemic of obesity, disease, and other health issues that ultimately leads to a shorter life for our pets. We all try to do everything in our power to take good care of them. Every responsible pet owner knows that one of the most important things we can do to take care of our pets is to make sure that they're eating properly. 
One of the ways we can ensure that our pets are eating healthy is by using The Pet Food Measuring Scoop! This "smart scoop" precisely measures your pet's food portions, as the balance on the front of the scoop guides you to healthier feeding practices.
  • Precision Sensors- TO make sure that you're feeding your pets the right amount of food.
  • Units measured in grams, ml, cup, oz. Just press the button! 
  • To get precise measurement data, please hand-hold it horizontally for 1-3 seconds.
  • Antibacterial Design- 
  • Digital LED Display
  • Easily Disassembled-  Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Weighs both solids and liquids